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The iki Foundation for the Development and Promotion of Fine Arts as a Public Benefit Organization has been involved in the promotion and development of fine arts for several years, with main emphasis on activities in the field of visual arts.

The foundation was established on the basis of a felt “lack” and would like to restore the deeper meaning of art, which is not only “in itself”, but which is an important spiritual factor of social life.

In its statutory assumptions, the iki Foundation considers as the most important: artistic education by organizing exhibitions, workshops, meetings, lectures, shows and concerts. However, in a broader sense, it also set other goals: implementing projects supporting innovation in art, implementing projects for the development of culture and art, intellectual support for projects in the field of artistic education for adults, youth and children.

The most important event in our activity is the National Art Competition from the “New Situations” series and the final exhibition. This is an important element enabling the development and promotion of fine arts in an innovative way, but also the possibility of continuing the series of exhibitions for young and talented artists in the coming years.

The high level of competitions, lectures and workshops conducted by our Foundation show the diversity of artistic attitudes of the presented works, and positive feedback from recipients confirms our belief that organizing and promoting high art, created by talented people, has tangible meaning.

Foundation Management Board


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