2nd Art Competition New Situations in Warsaw

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Art Competition New Situations entitled Contrasts, organized by the Foundation for the iki Development and Promotion of Fine Arts, is about to start.

It is aimed at students and graduates of artistic faculties of universities who are under 45 years of age.

We are waiting for your applications from now until July 31, 2022.

The competition task is to perform visual work in any technique (painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, video, installation, mixed and own techniques, as well as intermedia and multimedia projects). The formula of participation open to various media is limited only by the leading topic of CONTRASTS.

In the program book Świat bezprzedmiotowy exactly one century ago, Kazimierz Malewicz distinguished two, in his opinion, diametrically different ways of forming: one serves the so-called practical life and concerns specific situations (it engages consciousness), the other is beyond any “usefulness” and refers to abstract phenomena (with the participation of the subconscious and unconscious).

Visible – hidden, elegance – carelessness, chaos – order, expression – restraint, front – back, north – south, positive – negative, war – peace, beginning – end …

The idea behind each concept lies between two poles. The extensional structure of objects and phenomena is primarily dual. The contrasts of our values ​​and choices create systems, and the structures of tensions between them create contradictions, dissonances and conflicts.

So let your art today become a conscious choice of color and form, real or unreal, useful or abstract.

Let it be a choice between …

Each participant may submit to the competition a maximum of 3 works corresponding to the topic of this year’s edition.

All the awarded works will be presented during the vernissage and at the exhibition in the Gallery in Warsaw. The winners will receive a cash prize funded by the iki Foundation for the Development and Promotion of Fine Arts.

Details of the Competition are provided in the Competition Regulations below.

More information can be obtained by e-mail: fundacja.iki.konkurs@gmail.com.

We encourage you to participate and follow the news on our Facebook and Instagram @fundacjaiki.

Co-financed by the Ministry of Cuture and National Heritage